To Premier Group:

As a mom of four children, I need to be more aware of what my children are putting in their bodies.  It was recently brought to my attention how hazardous the plastics are that foods are stored in.  I decided to make what I thought was a small change by purchasing Premier Classic's bowl set, which would allow me to safely store food for my children.  I also use these bowls daily to microwave any food that I need to heat up.  Knowing that I can reheat simple things like mac & cheese without nasty chemicals and worse, animal byproducts getting into my children's food, makes me feel like a better mom.  This "small" change turned out to be a huge one in our lives.  Thank you Premier Classic Products for making my food safer for my family!

P.S.  Those are MY homemade stuffed peppers, and they are awesome!!


First Testimonial