Manufacturing & Molding

Premier Purity Platics M&M is a dedicated facility that can produce all of PGI's proprietary plastic products.  It is the only plastics manufacturing facility in the world that complies with kosher, halal, vegetarian, vegan and other dietary laws and health-conscious principles.


Specialty Polymers

Premier Specialty Polymers (under our private label "PurOlyn" distributes a total ERC(R) solution for the plastic food service and other manufacturing industries..


ERC(R) Certification

ERC(R) provides third-party technical, scientific and religious certification of plastic material to be free of animal byproducts to an exacting standard of proprietary testing of 1 part per tens of billions!


Premier Classic Bowls

Aside from our religious kosher bowls, these bowls and containers appeal to people who are health-conscious across the country.